University of West Bohemia in Pilsen

Team members

Principal investigator

Doc. Ing. Müller Luděk, Ph.D.  <muller@kky.zcu.cz>

- project coordinator

Research staff

Ing. Železný Miloš, Ph.D.  <zelezny@kky.zcu.cz>


Ing. Krňoul Zdeněk, Ph.D.  <zdkrnoul@kky.zcu.cz>

- sign language synthesis

Ing. Matoušek Jindřich, Ph.D.  <jmatouse@kky.zcu.cz>

- speech synthesis

Ing. Campr Pavel <campr@kky.zcu.cz>

- sign language recognition, gesture recognition

Ing. Hoidekr Jan  <hoidekr@kky.zcu.cz>

- language models

Ing. Kanis Jakub  <jkanis@kky.zcu.cz>

- sign language machine translation

Ing. Marek Hrúz  <hoidekr@kky.zcu.cz>

- language models

Ing. Trmal Jan  <jtrmal@kky.zcu.cz>


Ing. Zelinka Jan  <zelinka@kky.zcu.cz>

- recognition, fusion of audio-visual features

Ph.D. students

Ing. Jana Trojanová

- emotion detection from visual features

Ing. Zbyněk Zajíc

- acoustic model adaptation for speech synthesis

Master Students

Ing. Ferschmann Jakub

- word editor for sign language synthesis, web pages of the project

Collaborating team in Prague

Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics is one of institutes of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague. Institute is interested in computational linguistics, that is processing of natural language (in written and spoken form). Emphasis is put on multilevel analysis of text corpus of the Czech language.

RNDr. Zeman Daniel, Ph.D.  <daniel.zeman@mff.cuni.cz>

- joint investigator (at this time at fellowship in Maryland, USA)

Mgr. Klimeš Václav  <vaclav.klimes@mff.cuni.cz>

Mgr. Semecký Jiří  <jiri.semecky@mff.cuni.cz>

Cetkovský Martin

Křížková Marie  <marie.krizkova@mff.cuni.cz>

- administrative works